Join our engineering team

Join our engineering team

Software Engineer - Back End

WeGetFinancing ( is operated by Emerging Payments Technologies, a USA company with offices in New Jersey. Our product is a real-time Purchase Finance Gateway that allows consumers to obtain instant financing from numerous lending sources when making a purchase online at a participating merchant’s website. This position is for a remote contractor. (EST or CET timezones).

We want to grow our development team, located across Europe, and we are looking for a senior software engineer.

What you will do


As part of the WeGetFinancing development team, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining our platform’s different components.

You will be working on the back-end engineering team. You will participate in biweekly sprints, release quality code using test-driven development practices, and write good technical documentation.

You will work with a modern stack using innovative frameworks using Python 3 and React, being constantly on the edge of the technology.

If you are a very passionate software engineer that follows engineering best practices and in search of constant growth, this offer is for you, giving you day-to-day challenges and learning opportunities.

Job description

We are looking for a Software Engineer to expand our current engineering team in the development support of our main product’s modernization. As part of your job, you will be responsible for developing, maintaining, refactoring, and adding new features to our serverless-based platform. You will be able to diagnose any bugs and issues in the platform and provide a working solution for those. As an experienced AWS developer, you will be using different tools and building blocks provided by AWS.

After some time working on the team, you will learn and understand how the WeGetFinancing platform and infrastructure work, with its plugins and APIs. As part of your responsibilities, it includes resolving critical platform bugs and fixing issues in the AWS deployed infrastructure.

What you need to bring

  • +2 years of experience with Python.
  • Writing docker containers and managing them with docker-compose.
  • Experience developing serverless microservices for the cloud (AWS Lambda).
  • Experience with TDD (test-driven development), Unit Testing, Q&A.
  • Knowledge of engineering patterns such as DRY, KISS, SOLID.
  • Ability to learn new programming frameworks and libraries.
  • University degree in Computer Science or related.
  • Fluency (both written and spoken) in English.

Bonus points if

  • Previous experience with Agile methodology.
  • Knowledge of Git and git-flow.
  • Experience with Terraform.
  • Basic AWS ECS, or K8s knowledge.
  • Knowledge of relational databases and SQL language.
  • Linux/Unix knowledge.
  • Experience creating or consuming REST APIs (JSON, XML) and Swagger/OpenAPI.
  • Flask and SQLAlchemy knowledge.
  • Experience with eCommerce and payment methods.
  • Links to GitHub/BitBucket public repositories with relevant projects, pull-requests, or any open source project participation.

We offer

  • Competitive salary.
  • Full remote position.
  • Standard vacations package (national holidays + standard holidays).


Please submit your application within the following application link.