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Switch to WeGetFinancing: Your All-in-One Merchant Financing Solution

Explore WeGetFinancing's comprehensive platform designed for merchants. With our PPE (Purchase Power Estimator), we make it easier than ever to convert visitors into customers. See why ditching multiple lender buttons for our unified solution is the strategic choice for your business.

Identify, Qualify & Refer: What Makes WeGetFinancing Different than a Waterfall?

Waterfall lending poses more than a few challenges for retailers and customers. Here at WeGetFinancing, we stop the waterfall altogether. We operate as a financial sorting system that separates customers in predetermined ways for multiple lenders. We call this an IQR model (Identify, Qualify, Refer).

How do I Make Sure I Don't Lose the Sale?

Welcome to 2023, where the answer to a question many merchants are asking comes down to two things, seamless checkouts and different payment options.

How to Convert More Website Visitors into Customers

WeGetFinancing's multi-lender, full-credit spectrum financing solution can help your business turn more visitors into customers.

Did you forget something?

18-billion dollars worth; that's how many sales e-commerce brands lose to cart abandonment each year. Find out how WeGetFinancing can help you combat this issue.

Information is the NEW currency

In today's world, data is a powerful currency. In WeGetFinancing's world, data is shared for free. We analyze and interpret real-time customer data to help your business close more sales!

Guilty by Associate Reviews

According to mobal.io, Google is currently the fastest-growing review platform, and therefore, reviews on Google matter more than ever. Learn how to avoid 'guilty by association' reviews here.

Are your lenders healthy?

Retail stores go out of business everyday, but so can your lending partners. Find out how to avoid unexpected and costly lender integrations here.

Not All Verticals Are Alike-Jewelry

Jewelry is predominantly financed, which makes it different than other retail industries. It is no secret in the world of consumer lending that jewelry is one of the highest-risk verticals. Due to the current economic state, many lenders have stopped working in jewelry altogether, so how can jewelry stores that rely heavily on financing survive? Find out here.

Unlocking Sales Growth

Let WeGetFinancing help you increase your sales today! Find out how, here!