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100% approval & 90% payout


Tier 1 applicants generate a 90% payout to the merchant. By utilizing all underwriting tiers, in addition to the in-house financing program,merchants can now offer financing, with 100% credit approval, to individuals who do do not qualify for traditional credit.

One application, multiple financing solutions


Merchants instantly receive multiple financing offers for their customers by completing a single application. The process is quick and seamless and offers a wide range of financing, regardless of your clients’ credit profile.

Customized offers for every client


WeGetFinancing instantaneously offers 12, 24, and 36-month financing for up to $10,000 across five different tiers. Our 90 days same as cash plan is available to all customers, regardless of their credit rating. Our broad range of financing offers contributes to our 100% financing approval. Which means you can say yes to more business.

Tax resolution merchants Frequently Asked Questions

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What is WeGetFinancing?
WeGetFinancing is a multi-lenders platform that helps merchants offer instantaneous financing to customers of all credit types at checkout. Featuring WeGetFinancing helps merchants acquire new customers, close more sales, experience a lift in ticket size and increase profitability. Once the WeGetFinancing option is made available on a participating merchant’s website or brick and mortar store, customers of all credit types will be given the ability to apply for instantaneous financing while only providing a minimum amount of personal information. Because WeGetFinancing works with a multitude of banks and lenders and covers the entire credit spectrum, more customers will be approved and the featured business will experience an increase in the number of sales and ticket size. No need to sign up, integrate and manage multiple purchase-finance solutions. WeGetFinancing does it all as well as helps analyze participating merchants’ traffic to always offer the best mix of lenders to optimize conversion. Some of WeGetFinancing’s partner banks even offer promotional financing that may include programs with very competitive interest rates, such as 0% financing for up to 24 months.
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Why should I use WeGetFinancing instead of other financing options?
WeGetFinancing acts as your single point of entry for all your applicants. There is no need to waste time submitting multiple financing applications to a multitude of lenders. Because of the wide range of financing options available through the WeGetFinancing platform, with only one application, you can provide your clients with the best available rates and most flexible terms in accordance with their credit profiles. By offering over 15 different financing combinations across five credit tiers, our platform automatically customizes financing offers for every client based on their unique financing needs. Best of all, with our traditional financing programs, you get paid no matter what. There’s no recourse and risk to you, even if your client fails to fulfill their payment obligations.
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