Are you a financial firm?

Get access to $200 billion market in consumer credit applications

Join a modern platform

Launched in 2016, WeGetFinancing™ is already processing thousands of credit applications a day from hundreds registered merchants. Our platform instantly gives you access to desirable consumers that meet your specific lending requirements on a national basis.

Focus on what you do best

By partnering with GetFinancing™, you are now a point of sale consumer financing experts. We take care of the technology, consumer experience and merchant integration, so you can focus on your core business.

Flexible and easy integration

We make the process of integration efficient and smooth. Our lender integration process consists of 7 steps, and can be completed fully online. We offer the maximum in flexibility with several manners to integrate your existing infrastructure and/or utilize ours.

Increase your revenue

Get instant access to thousands of customers. Lower your cost of acquisition by filtering your target market, effectively reaching the right audiences at the right time (when the consumer desires credit).

What we offer to our lenders

Access to Merchants

Automatically gain access to hundreds merchants, and growing daily. Merchants migrate to WeGetFinancing™ because we provide the full credit spectrum in a single application. Seamless plugins for all the mainstream shopping carts, front end marketing tools, visibility on the checkout page plus many more merchant facing solutions.

Fraud and Default Protection

Our patented Express Verifiable Authorization “EVA” technology is the industry leader in identity verification and fraud prevention. Together with in-house machine learning algorithms and the best fraud prevention tools you will have the best possible experience in the consumer financing space.

Complete Control

After all, you are the ones financing merchants. You choose who is approved and who is declined. You will have full access to your customer’s data, risk scores and application information. Once approved, you treat that customer just like any other customer in your portfolio. They are your customer.